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face shield

Medily is a manufacturer and exporter of protective products, our products meet a number of international certifications, the best-selling products are: disposable medical masks, KN95 masks, N95 masks, FFP2/ FFP2 masks, etc.

A Face Shield is a device designed to protect the face and neck from flying metal debris, harmful gases, liquid spatters, metal and high temperature solvents. The main products are welding mask, anti-impact mask, anti-radiation mask, anti-smoke gas mask and heat shield.

Face Shield Architecture

1. The cap body

The hat body is located in front of it, with a wider brim.

2. Fixed hole

There are no fixed holes on both sides of the cap body, and circular teeth are arranged around the fixed holes.

(1) the head

The headband is centrally positioned to provide comfort to the head.

(2) the stator

The end of the fixing piece is provided with a fastening part that can be twisted forward, the fastening part is provided with a protruding point, and the fixing piece is provided with a groove corresponding to the protruding point.

(3) the earmuffs

The ear cover is fixed on the support frame, and the top edge of the ear cover is provided with a chute, and a positioning groove is provided in the chute, the two ends of the rack through the chute, the chute is provided with a breathable perforation.

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